Electronic Universal Testing Machine

  • It is applicable for wide range of material for tension, compression, bending, shearing test. 

  • Digital display of testing force.

  • Main Function and Usage

    • The WDS series of testing machines are suitable for the tensile testing of metal and non-metal materials, and the added optional implement suiting for compression, bending, cutting , stripping, splitting  and other testings.

    • Possessing with the function of digital display of testing force,continuously tunable testing speed, automatically shutting up power when test Specimen being snapped, and  peak holding.

    Main Performance Characters

    ◆ Automatic display:The testing force, Max force, displacement, speed, deformation value,breaking force will be displayed in real time by the liquid crystal screen. 

    ◆Automatic control:The machine can complete the whole process of testing after inputting the testing parameters.

    ◆Batch testing:One setting, completing testing of one batch in a same time automatically

    ◆Printing function:The testing results can be print automatically after the testing completing.

    ◆Specimen judgement:The movable cross beam will stop automatically when the specimen broken.

    ◆Position limitation protection:Possessing two Class of position limitations protection including mechanical and programming control.

    ◆Special optional implement:Special optional implement will be provided according to the need of the client in addition to the standard tensile implements.

    Main Specifications and Technical Parameter

    Max. Testing Force10kN20kN50kN100kN
    Measure Range of Testing Force2%-100%FS
    Accuracy of Testing ForceOver ±1%
    Discrimination of Displacement(mm)0.001
    Accuracy of Displacement MeasureOver ±1%
    Tensile Volume(mm)800800600600
    Compression Volume(mm)800800600600
    Testing Volume(mm)800800600600
    Range of Speed Control(mm/min)0.01~300
    Accuracy of Speed ControlOver ±1%
    Accuracy of Deformation Value DisplayOver ±1%
    Weight (kg)250250500500

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