Cement compression testing machine
  • It can be used in the compression and bending strength of cement mortar.

  • Control method of testing rate:Electro-hydraulic closed-loop control.

  • Main Function and Usage

    • The model YAW-300B can be used in the compression strength testing of cement mortar, while the model YAW-300C can be used in the compression and bending strength ofcement mortar.

    • Control Method of Testing Rate: Electro-hydraulic closed-loop control.

    Main Specifications and Techinical Parameter


    Measure Range of Testing Force2%~100%FS2%~100%FS
    Relative Accuracy of Value Display of Testing Force≤±1% / ±0.5%≤±1% / ±0.5%
    Loading Rate(kN/S)0.3~10(compression)0.3~10(compression)/50(bending)
    Accuracy of Loading Speed±5%±5%
    Pressure Plate Dimension (mm)Φ155(compression)Φ155(compression)/ 80×150(bending)
    Max.Piston Stroke(mm)8080
    Piston Diameter(mm)Φ130(compression)Φ130(compression)/Φ50(bending)
    Max. Hydraulic Pressure(MPa)2525
    Rated Flow Rate of Oil Pump(L/min)1.521.52



    • The Main interface



    • Chose the test method you need



    • The Test Report


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