• In order to ensure the acceptance of the sample gap, optical projection magnification inspection is the only practical method.

  • Product introduction

    • The instrument uses an optical projection method to magnify the V-type and U-notch profiles of the impact sample to be measured 50 times and project it onto the projection screen, which is compared with the V-type and U-notch standard template images of the impact sample on the projection screen. Determine if the gap of the sample being tested is acceptable.

    Technical Parameters

    Projection screen diameter180mm
    working desk sizeSquare table size110×125mm
    Round table size90mm
    Workbench glass diameter70mm
    Workbench tripPortrait±10mm
    Workbench operating range0°~ 360°
    Instrument magnification50X
    Objective magnification2.5X
    Projection objective magnification20X
    Light source (halogen tungsten lamp)12V 100W
    Power220V 50Hz
    weightAbout 18 Kg

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