Deadweight force standard machine
  • It's used for testing standard dynamometer, load sensor, load cell.

  • Product application scope:

    • Standard dynamometer measurement value transfer and measurement verification, load sensor, load sensor measurement performance indicators (nonlinear, repeatability, sensitivity, etc.) detection.

    Compliance and applicable standards and procedures:

    • JJG1116-2015 "Superimposed force standard machine inspection Regulations", JJG669-2003 "Weighing sensor verification Regulations", JJG144-2007 "Standard Dynamometer verification Regulations".

    Main Specifications and Technical Parameter

    Maximum detection force (kN)2050100
    Measuring range "kN)0.2-200.5-501-100
    Weight combination (kg)200、200、200、200、200、200、400、400500、500、500、500、500、500、1000、10001000、1000、1000、1000、1000、1000、2000、2000
    Measurement accuracy (≤)0.01%FS0.01%FS0.01%FS
    Stretching space100-200100-200200-400
    Compressed space (mm)80-18090-250100-350
    Weight error (%)0.00150.00150.0015
    Total power (kW)1.21.510
    Overall dimensions (mm)1080x880x20101550x1080x26002300x1700x5800

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